Budapest's biggest international techno club event hosted by local legends Isu and Dork, introducing the hottest techno artists from all around the world - from fresh young titans to seen-it-all demi-gods, presented on the best sound system in the city, at Lärm, A38 ship and Corvin Club.
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In 2010, with acknowledged fine artist DJ Dork, he looks for a new platform to share their ideas on techno: Technokunst comes to life with the expressed aim of bringing quality - instead of commercial - techno back to Hungary. In Budapest's only stable and quality club that thinks "differently", the belly of the A38 ship and Lärm.


Among first generation of hungarian DJs, Dork has been using music and record players as a means of non-verbal communication since 1996. She makes the valuable dimensions of the style evident by moving along the powerful yet meditative boundary of her human-centred techno.